Design Terms:

Wait list & turn around time:

Clients are scheduled for a month, however turn around time may be quicker than this depending on my work load. I have increased my turn around time so that I can spend more time working with clients and their designs. Design work will begin the first full week of the month.
My waitlist is updated daily. Be sure to check my available dates before purchasing your package.


All communication takes place via email.
Upon paying your deposit, please allow 24 hours processing time. I will email you with your design date and homework. This needs to be returned to me as soon as possible and no later than the Friday before beginning design work.
Once I begin working on your designs, it is imperative that you check your email daily in the even that I have questions for you or need you to proof designs.

Deposit and refunds:

All design work requires a deposit to book your slot. To ensure I am only booking for serious clients, deposits are non-refundable. If applicable, a fee for all work completed & assistance beyond what has been paid for shall be paid by the client.
You are booking for a specific design. I often begin work before our time together, such as setting up a staging site, installing necessary plugins and working on basic layouts etc. If you cancel or wish to change your package, you may be required to pay for any time I have spent prior to your change request.

Blog Revisions:

You will first receive a header image to proof. Once this has been approved by you, the rest of the design will focus on these colors, images and fonts.
If you have approved your header and later request changes, this will incur a fee of $50 per hour, even if the changes take place in your allocated time slot.
NOTE: Not changes will be made to your design elements once they are installed on your blog/site. If changes are required, this will incur a fee of $50 per hour.

General Site/Blog Design Liability:

It is your responsibility to back up your WordPress site/blog or Blogger blog before I begin design work. This will not be done for you. If you need assistance, please email me so that I can let you know how to do this.
If you implement any changes on your blog/site and this causes loss of data, I will not be held responsible for this loss. I can re-implement your design at 50% of the original cost.

WordPress Liability:

It is your responsibility to keep your WordPress site or blog updated – this includes updating WordPress, themes and plugins. If you install new plugins, please be sure they are compatible with your version of WordPress and have been updated recently. If you install a plugin that causes your site to crash, I will not be held responsible for this.

Blog Design Restrictions:
You may:

  • Add additional widgets or plugins to your site. However, if this causes loss of data, I will not be held responsible for this.

You may not:

  • remove my credit button
  • claim any images or designs as your own
  • use my designs in a derogatory, racist or sexist way or in any way that may cause harm to another individual or group.

Laine Sutherland Designs