How to Successfully Juggle a Family, a Side Hustle, and Working Full-Time

Life is difficult as a mompreneur, as there are too many things on your plate. You need to ensure you are giving your best at work, spend time with your family, and also pay attention to your side hustle.

As you deal with everything that life throws at you, you have immense amounts of stress. Not knowing how to divide your time and attention can make it feel like you don’t know what’s going on.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can continue to be a super mom. Here are four tips which will help you juggle a family, a mompreneur business, and working full-time:

Create a schedule

Without a proper schedule, it will always feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything in the world. Because of your busy lifestyle, you are missing out on important activities, such as watching your children play or their first performance on stage.

As a result, you start to feel guilty, which only makes everything harder. Having a proper schedule allows you to ensure that you are able to keep up with your family’s busy lifestyle and your own business. Schedule 1 – 2 hour chunks of ‘work time’ when you know your kids are at school, taking naps or busy with another out of school activity. Prioritize your most difficult tasks and get those out of the way first. Even if these difficult tasks are the only thing you accomplish, it will feel like you have really achieved a great deal.

If you are not able to schedule in these chunks of time during the day, you may find that waking up an hour or 2 earlier than your family may help you achieve more in your day. You can then either take a nap with your kids or go to bed a bit earlier. You will always achieve more if you are working when you feel fresh and wide awake.

Be sure to schedule in time out! Don’t pack each second so full that you burn yourself out. Focusing on you, making time for a hair or nail appointment or just taking some time out to read a book is vital.

Get wholesome sleep

Without adequate amounts of sleep, you won’t be able to function the next day properly. Just imagine how challenging life would be, if you had to go to work and then your mompreneur business, after taking a nap for a couple of hours. On top of that, when you have to keep up with your energetic kids, days seem longer than usual.

As sleep is essential, you need to make sure you feel well-rested after waking up the next day. Avoid using smartphones or watching the TV an hour before you hit the sack. The blue light from these devices forces your body to stay awake, making it harder to fall asleep.

Also, by going to sleep a bit earlier in the evening, you may find that you can wake up before your family the next day to get that perfect quiet time to focus on your work for a little while.

Keep distractions at bay

Technology is incredible because you can get to know what people are doing throughout the day. While social media allows you to know what everyone is doing at the moment, it is one of the biggest time wasters. What seems like only 10 minutes can turn out to be an hour.

Running a mompreneur business in this situation, while handling your family and work life will look impossible in this situation. Instead, you should try to stay away from these types of distractions, so that it is easier to focus on work and other activities. Another way to deal with this situation is to download apps which allow you to restrict how much time you spend on social media.

Use your schedule to schedule in 10 minutes a few times a day where you specifically go onto social media. You can then use this time purposefully to either respond to social media messages or promote your own business.

Share household chores

If you have to do all the household chores, after coming back from work, you will burn both ends of the candle quickly. You should make it a point to share the responsibility with your family so that it becomes easier to handle the load.

For example, you can ask your children to assist in basic tasks, such as folding the clothes, picking up the toys, and setting the table. Your spouse can help clean the dishes, mop the floor or bath the kids. My husband each night does the bed and bath time routine whilst I do a few chores around the house and get everything ready for the next day. This then allows me to have free time once Paisley is asleep to either read or prepare for work the next day.

At first, juggling your family, full-time employment, and business looks overwhelming. By incorporating these tips, your will find that you can achieve more and work more purposefully.


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