Where to Find Gorgeous Styled Stock Photos

My current obsession: gorgeous styled stock photos! Finding styled stock photos can be quite a challenge and trying to find photos that match your branding can be even more challenging. I’ve been scouring the net for awesome photos to use in my own marketing, and I decided to share my findings with you. Please note this post does contain affiliate links marked with a *

The Sidekick Studio

The Sidekick Studio is one stock photo membership that EVERY teacher needs to subscribe to, and asap! It is filled with the most fun, bright, and vibrant photos. I recently signed up for their monthly membership and it has been a gift to myself that just keeps on giving.

Course Creator Market

The CCM membership gives you access to over 3000 gorgeous photos, mockups and templates. You can either sign up for the membership or purchase individual photo sets from their website.

SheBold Stock*

Jasmine is my go to girl for styled stock photos. I have her monthly membership and have even had her design some custom styled photos for me.

You can also get on her list and get 20 gorgeous free stock photos.

What’s great about Jasmine’s photos, is that you are allowed to crop, resize, zoom, overlay images with text or colors, and add filters. She also allows members to change the color of the images which many other designers do not allow.

Haute Stock Photos

There are over 6000 photos available on the Haute Stock data base. They are organised by theme/colour so it is really easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Images are added monthly so there is always something new to check out!

Haute Chocolate is a subscription service and there is a quarterly and monthly plan.

If you sign up for their newsletter, you will also receive monthly free photos.

Jessica Weible Photography

Jessica Weible currently has 99 photos in her stock photography store on Etsy. Her photos are bright and colourful, just like her clip art! I am, without a doubt, a huge fan! She hasn’t added more photos in quite some time, but the ones she does have are absolutey gorgeous.

Kate Maxwell Stock Photography

Kate Maxwell has has a beautiful collection of photos across various colour palettes. There are also plenty of photos with holiday themes so you can really use her photos during all seasons!

Jenna Redfield Designs

Jenna Redfield’s photos extend beyond the standard white background which is custom for styled stock photos and she incorporates fur, wood and marble textures in her backgrounds. The pops of colour in her photos add to her unique designs.


You have to check out Kayla’s work. The collections in her store are beautiful. She sells membership plans as well as sets individually in her store. She has a great freebies library too with over 550 stock photos and adds 4 new photos monthly.

Laine Sutherland Designs

If you sign up below, you will receive some gorgeous styled mockups, and you will also have access to the members freebie library!


Are you ready to access some amazing, business building freebies?