Where to Find Gorgeous Styled Stock Photos

My current obsession: gorgeous styled stock photos! Finding styled stock photos can be quite a challenge and trying to find photos that match your branding can be even more challenging. I’ve been scouring the net for awesome photos to use in my own marketing, and I decided to share my findings with you.

Haute Chocolate Stock Photos

Cost: $75 – $225
Licensing terms:

Never worry about using an image illegally again. Your membership includes a personal and professional license to use the photos online & in print. You don’t have to give credit or attribution, and you can edit the photos by cropping, adding text, or adding your own images. ~ Haute Chocolate

There are over 700 photos available on the Haute Chocolate data base. They are organised by theme/colour so it is really easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Images are added monthly so there is always something new to check out!

Haute Chocolate is a subscription service:

  • 3 months: $75
  • 6 months: $125 (one month free)
  • 12 months: $225 (3 months free)

If you do a little bit of math, if you sign up for the 3 month contract, each photo works out at only 10cents.
Also, even if your subscription expires or you choose to cancel it after 3/6/12 months, you can continue using the photos provided your adhere to their licensing terms.

Take a peek inside the Haute Chocolate library here.

Jessica Weible Photography

Cost: $6 – $12 per photo
Licensing terms:

You may use this photo for personal or commercial use – for online or print purposes.
No credit is needed, but appreciated.

Jessica Weible currently has 88 photos in her stock photography store on Etsy. Her photos are bright and colourful, just like her clip art! I am, without a doubt, a huge fan! My featured image for this post is actually one of her images!

White Heart Design Co.

Cost: $8 – $35 (bundles)
Licensing terms:

When you purchase an item from White Hart Design Co. you agree to a non-exclusive limited use license that allows for personal or professional use only of the item. You may crop the image and overlay the image with your own text or product images. Once you have added your product or image to the styled Photograph you (or anyone) may share it on social media for promotional purposes. The original image cannot be shared without credits.

White Hart Design Co. remains the sole, exclusive owner and holder of the copyright for the image and you may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, share or give the image to a third-party to use in any way. Thank you!

If you are looking for a more neutral colour palette, White Heart Design Co. should be your go to resource for styled stock photos. Their images are timeless and classic and have a Nordic design feel to them.

Kate Maxwell Stock Photography

Cost: $15 per photo
Licensing terms:

You may use the image as many times as you need to. You receive commercial and personal use rights when you purchase an image and may use the image an unlimited number of times online or in print, but may not transfer or sell them in any form to any third party. Kate Maxwell Photography retains the original copyright, but you do not need to give credit to Kate Maxwell Photography when using them. Please contact us directly to purchase an extended license.

Kate Maxwell has has a beautiful collection of photos across various colour palettes. There are also plenty of photos with holiday themes so you can really use her photos during all seasons!

Jenna Redfield Designs

Cost: $7 – $10
Licensing terms:

User Agreement: User can crop and overlay the image, but cannot edit manipulate it in any other way, as it is owned and copyrighted by JennaRedfieldDesigns.

Jenna Redfield’s photos extend beyond the standard white background which is custom for styled stock photos and she incorporates fur, wood and marble textures in her background. The pops of colour in her photos add to her unique designs.

If you are looking for something on the free side, there are a few sites to check out.


Cost: by subscribing to their newsletter, you are granted access to their free stock photos. Be sure to snatch them up quickly as they are eventually moved to their store. A new set is sent to subscribers monthly.
Licensing terms:

Free and okay to use commercially. No credit required.
You can check out their full licensing terms here.

But seriously, you have to check out Kayla’s work. The collections in her store are beautiful and she even has a $10 subscription which you HAVE TO HAVE.

Rekita Nicole

Cost: by subscribing to her newsletter, you are granted access to her free stock photos. A new set is sent to subscribers monthly.
Licensing terms:

With this download User (newsletter recipient) acknowledges that the download comes with a non-exclusive limited use license so that the User may use the image for personal or professional use in the normal course of User’s business. User may crop the image and overlay the image with text or pdfs of product designs as fits User’s needs, but may not otherwise alter, edit or manipulate the image. Rekita Nicole remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright in the image and the Purchaser may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image image or a derivative thereof or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way.

And that’s it! Have fun and enjoy these gorgeous styled stock photos. If you have a resource or website that you use, comment in the link below – I’d love to hear from you!