How to: Verify your Blogger blog on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the largest social media networks with over 400 million active users, and over 240 billion pins saved! Consequently, everyone wants a piece of the proverbial Pinterest Pie and why wouldn’t you because Pinterest is an amazing tool to expand your blog and business’s reach. Linking your blog and confirming it on Pinterest is one of the first steps to take when you want to make the most of your Pinterest experience, however many Blogger users are having issues when it comes to confirming their site. This post aims to show you how to verify your Blogger Blog on Pinterest.

Firstly, let’s walk you through the process step-by-step.

1. Back up your Blog

First, back up your blog. How do you do this, may you ask? Well, in Blogger you don’t need a plugin to do this for you, it comes with a nifty little back up featured already built in for you. Thanks, Google!

  1. Login to Blogger using your Google account name and password
  2. On your dashboard, you will see a list of your blogs. Click the one you want to link to Pinterest.
  3. Go to to your template page.
  4. In the top right hand corner there is a gear icon and a  button that says Backup/Restore. Click this button.
  5. Click the orange button that says download full template.
  6. The template will be automatically saved in your downloads file on your desktop.

**Blogger does not backup widgets and posts, just the basic structure and blog theme.**

2. Get your meta-link from Pinterest

Open a new tab.

Once you have backed up your blog, head on over and login to Pinterest.

  1. Head on over to your settings.
  2. Scroll down to where you have placed your Blog’s URL. Haven’t done it? Type it in NOW!
  3. Click on confirm website.
  4. A little box will pop up asking you to place a meta-WHAT? in the <head> sections of your sites index.WHERE? file.
  5. Copy the code they give you. Be sure to copy it perfectly otherwise this next part won’t work.

Verify Your Blogger Blog

3. Go back to your Blogger blog

  1. Still on your template page, select edit HTML
  2. Find the <head> tag. it should just be a few lines down from the top so no need to hunt.
  3. Place the code directly UNDER this <head> tag like so:
  4. I have entered to make space above and below. This does not effect the HTML – It just helps me to see where I have added code.
  5. Save template.
  6. On a happy side note, your template will not save if you’ve made a mistake. By hitting the browser’s back button, changes will not be saved and the template will revert back to what it was.

4. Go back to Pinterest and verify your Blogger Blog

  1. Click Finish
  2. Lastly, click verify website.
  3. You will receive a confirmation or error message… OH NO!

5. We can fix this! Or at least, Pinterest can!

But, the good news is that your site can be verified! All you need to do is go to Pinterest help and fill in a ticket with them.

  1. In the help center select Businesses & Websites
  2. Under Analytics, select confirm your website
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click: Still need help? Get in touch with us
  4. You will be asked to login. Login as this will help Pinterest to deal with your account quickly.
  5. Then, fill in the form as shown below.

Here is a screen shot of what my complete ticket looks like and below is the wording to copy and paste into your question area.

Verify Your Blogger Blog

I am trying to verify my Blogger blog on Pinterest. I am unable to do so as I keep receiving an error message when I click confirm website. Please could you open a form for me so that this can be looked into and my blog can be verified.

Pinterest will contact you. However, If you do this over a weekend it may take a bit longer for them to confirm your site.

It will take a few days for Pinterest to verify your site but, eventually, it will be done.

So, how does site verification help your brand? Well here is what Pinterest has to say:

Confirming that you own your website adds your profile picture to any Pin that came from your site. You’ll also get access to website analytics so you can see what people are saving from your website.

Pretty neat, right? Well what are you waiting for? GET PINNING!


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