Choosing A WordPress Theme

When you decide to start a website or a blog using WordPress, you should choose the WordPress theme which reflects your persona and your business perspective. Only then will your blog give a true representation of what you want it to show.

To start with, you will have to research the different kinds of WordPress themes that exist on the internet. Several of them are free and only require a simple download or upload of your blog’s content. Even though many of these WordPress themes do not require any money, it does become overwhelming to decide which one to use among all the thousands that are available. Some people blindly go with a WordPress template that catches their fancy. But it may not be the right way to select a theme. First note down all your requirements clearly and then start searching for the theme which best meets those conditions.

You want your blog to be unique and different from all the other blogs on the internet so that it will attract more users. If thousands of other blogs have used the same theme to design their pages, then you will want to avoid such themes in order to stay special and distinct in comparison with other blogs. Also, the WordPress theme which you choose should comply with your motive of creating your blog. Is it a professional blog or a personal one, does it deal with technology or with the arts, and so on. Be clear what your blog/website stands for. Was your blog started informally for entertainment, or is it a formal one? If formal, what sort of clients are you looking for? Once you have an idea about how you want to present your blog, it becomes easier to visualize what kind of templates will best reflect your idea.

Next, you need to match the theme of your blog with the content that you have already designed. And if you have a logo for your site, be sure to carefully match it with the artistic elements of a similar theme. Always remember, choosing the right theme is also a deciding factor for the number of visitors to your site and hence your earnings through the blog. The theme should be attractive enough to catch the attention of people. As they come across your blog’s theme, they should get interested enough to stay on and examine all the content that is published on it.

Now also keep compatibility in mind. The WordPress template that you choose might look great on your browser, but what works in Firefox might not work in IE. What works in IE7 might not work on Opera. So if possible, check out what the developer has to say about browser compatibility. Also, some templates are outdated, so you need to make sure that it is widget and plugin friendly. Keeping track of all these different aspects while selecting a WordPress theme will definitely help you create an attractive site, which will put you on the road to success.

To really stand out from the crowd, it may be worth your while to invest in a custom design. This way, you know your site is designed especially with your brand in mind and will be unique. A custom design also ensures your site is responsive and compatible across all browsers.


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