How to write the perfect about me page

Your about page is one of the most important pages on your website and can quickly engage readers and encourage them to explore your site further. These tips will help you to create the perfect page to grab their attention and keep them scrolling!

Understand your audience

Write with your audience in mind – this is the number one most important thing to keep in mind when creating any content for your blog or website.

Be quirky and unique

Don’t just stick to the facts about what you do or what your blog offers – some quirky or unique facts about YOU is what will make your page different. People love to learn more about the person behind the screen. Love eating peanut butter from the jar or watching Christmas movies all year long? We want to know that!

Add a couple of pictures

Unless your intention is to remain anonymous, add a couple of pictures to make your page even more personal. It adds warmth and character to your site and gives the impression of a more one on one service. People will be more inclined to get in touch or connect with you if they feel they know who it is they are interacting with.

Use the space to say why your services are unique – what value do you readers gain from your site

Everyone has a unique product, or service, to offer. What is it that makes your blog unique? What value do you bring and how can people utilise this information once they have finished perusing your site or reading your blog posts?

Share your journey

Use this space to tell your story. How did you begin on your online journey? What was the first product you sold? What made you want to begin a blog?

Always write like you speak – make it natural

Again, it is all about keeping it natural and personal. You want your audience to feel like they can really connect with you. If you write like you speak, your writing comes across as less contrived and your audience is more likely to trust you and/or your product.

Email leads (a call to action)

Finally, don’t forget to add a call of action to your about me page. Once you have engaged your audience, they are more likely to want to stay up to date with any future blog posts you may post on your site. Ask readers to sign up to your newsletter. Be sure to add this somewhere in the middle of your page and then maybe another version at the end. Don’t let your audience forget about you once they leave your about me page!

A way to get in touch with you

Your readers may still have questions and want to get in touch with you. Make sure it is easy for them to connect with you once they leave your about page – even if it is just a link to your contact page.

Remember, that even though an about me page is about you, make sure you always keep your audience in mind when writing it – you are writing about YOU for THEM!


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