Why I Love WordPress

One of the primary reasons I love WordPress is its versatility, which allows you to customize any website. While it started as a blogging tool, it’s one of the most robust website builders and content management systems today.

But perhaps its best perk is that it’s completely free, and you only need to pay for a domain name and hosting to get started with WordPress. Below are some other benefits of using the CMS and website builder for your website.


Themes are the foundation of a website’s complete design, and no CMS has as many themes as WordPress. Typically, a theme will include page layouts, typography, headers and footers, color palettes, and backgrounds.

WordPress has thousands of FREE and paid themes for users to choose from. Once you’ve nailed down the type of website you want and selected a theme, the only thing you need to do is customize it with your colors and add copy and media. Whether you want a website to sell courses online, curate your professional life, or sell crafts, you can’t go wrong with WordPress.


Like themes, WordPress has a robust network of plugins. Plugins are website add-ons that improve your site’s functionality by adding specific features. Most websites do just fine with free plugins as each paid one has a free version, albeit with limited capabilities.

Still, the fact that WordPress has so many free plugins that equip your site with different functionalities makes it the go-to website builder and CMS for 43% of all existing sites.

Easy to Use

WordPress might be powerful and versatile, but it beats other website builders significantly when it comes to its learning curve. Despite its robustness, it’s one of the most uncomplicated builders and CMSs for beginners.

So, even if it’s your first time using WordPress, you’ll have a breeze navigating through the back end of your site. It helps that you can access essential navigation links on WordPress’s sidebar. Still, perhaps it’s so easy to use because of the sheer number of free and comprehensive WordPress tutorials available online.


The fact that over 43% of all existing websites are WordPress-based is a testament to the customizability of the builder and CMS. Thanks to its themes and plugins, you can easily make any website without prior knowledge of complex or technical code.


When building a website or having one created for you, you want an SEO-friendly foundation. Of all CMSs, WordPress is arguably the best CMS and website builder for making websites that rank well.

Its loads of themes and plugins mean you have multiple tools to boost your site’s SEO optimization. Most importantly, WordPress source code makes the CMS fast and mobile-friendly. Lastly, it’s easy to learn, but it’s also secure, an important factor that Google uses to determine which sites to rank.

Well Established

According to statistics, more than 455 million websites currently use WordPress. That’s nearly half of the 1.3 billion websites, showing how popular it is. This means it has a vast user community and that support is easy to come by when you need it most.

Regardless of why you want a website or the type of website you prefer, you’ll never go wrong with WordPress.


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