Why I love FloDesk!

Are you a business tool maniac like me? If the answer is yes, then you may already have heard about Flodesk, an email marketing that gives the big boys a run for their money. To say that the platform attracts a near cult following would not be an overstatement.

Why Flodesk is Such a Hit

There are many reasons why I switched from other tools to Flodesk. Here are five of them.

1. It is Intuitive to Use

Yes, I say that Flodesk is super intuitive to use, and here are four reasons to support this claim. Call it a blog post within a blog post if you wish.

  • Easy-to-set up automations; the system is self-explanatory.
  • Drag-and-drop email design. I see exactly what my emails look like when the system sends them.
  • The uncluttered dashboard makes it easy to find sections. Talk about time-saving.
  • Coding the forms is a breeze, and the platform offers tutorials on where to copy and paste the code for every website. Is double opt-in available? Yes.

2. Beautiful and Ready-to-Use Templates

Flodesk has categorized its templates by goal, such as Say Thanks, Make Money, and Welcome. Each template comes with blocks (e.g. button, graphic, image, text, and varying combinations). I’m particularly in love with this one.

3. Quick and Easy to Create Emails

Unlike many other email marketing tools, Flodesk gives me the freedom to customize templates however I want (there is an inbuilt branding guide). And it is not just all about branding. While using my previous tool, I used to get stuck with templates. For instance, if I wanted to switch from a two-column template to a three-column one somewhere along the way, I had to start creating my email afresh. Thankfully, Flodesk’s block system allows me to swap out all template sections for a different block.

As for branding, the platform offers an entire section to upload my log and put in my brand colors. Hence, every logo block generates my logo automatically when I’m editing my emails. Also, my brand colors appear in the color palette when I want to change a block color, button, or font.

4. Easy-to-Understand Analytics

Flodesk allows me to view my open rates, unsubscribe rates, which devices my email readers used, what was clicked, and many more. What sets this tool apart is how easily it presents this information. I can see individual email analytics or analytics by a subscriber.

5. Pocket-Friendly Pricing

And all these goodies come at a flat rate; it doesn’t matter how many automations I set up, emails I send, or contacts I have. If I pay monthly, all I need is $38. The annual subscription stands at $35. That means I get one month for free if I pay annually. Wow!


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