What to include on your home page “above the fold” area

The internet is all about first impressions. This is why your website and online presence should be designed to attract and keep visitors on your page as long as possible. One of the best ways to grab visitors’ attention as soon as they enter your site is to utilize the “above the fold” area.

Below, we will explain what the “above the fold” area is, along with the best content you should place at the top of your webpage to maximize its effectiveness.

What is the “above the fold” area?

The “above the fold” concept predates the internet and refers to the top of a newspaper that remained visible when people folded it. This top part of the page was also clearly visible on newsstands and was designed to grab the attention of readers as they walked past along the sidewalk. This concept has transferred into the digital age with the top of the webpage grabbing your attention and giving you a first impression of the entire site.

What is the best content to include there?

The “above the fold” area of your landing page is crucial as it provides visitors with their first impression of your entire site. Here are some of the best content ideas to include on the top of your landing page:

1. Include a compelling heading and tagline

The first thing people will read when they enter your site will be your heading and tagline. This is why you should make sure that your H1 heading is clear and readable along with a catchy and compelling H2 tagline underneath.

2. Consider a high-quality banner image

In addition to highlighting and drawing attention to your heading and tagline, consider including a high-quality, branded image in the background to create a seamless look. For an even more professional look, you can include dynamic video content here as long as it does not distract from the core message you are trying to get across.

3. Introduce some form of interaction at the top

When people land on your page, don’t make it too hard for them to start interacting with your content. If your business or website wants users to do something, introduce it within this section to make it easier for visitors to interact with your site.

This works for navigating your visitors directly to a particular page on your site as well. You can easily add a “learn more” button to help them navigate directly to the right page.


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