My top 9 WordPress tips

There are countless ways that you can customize your WordPress site so that it uniquely reflects your business. These 9 tips will help improve your site & your visitors’ experience when visiting it.

Strengthen Your Footer.

Make the best possible use of the space at the bottom of your theme to include important links, a short bio or other important information about your site.

Update Your Theme.

Are your traffic numbers flat or falling? When’s the last time you updated your WordPress theme? The answers might be related. If your theme no longer reflects the current branding of your company, then update or switch to a new theme.

Improve Your Permalinks.

By changing the URLs for the articles on your WordPress website to include fewer (but higher value) keywords, you may be able to improve the ranking of those articles on the search engines.

Leverage Your Images.

Each time you upload an image, make sure to tag it with appropriate “title” and “alternate text” tags to assist your search engine rank. The “title” is also what appears when someone tries to “pin” your image to Pinterest.

Make Sure Everything is Current.

This should almost go without saying, but take a few minutes today to make sure that your WordPress install, your plugins and current theme are all current.

Check Your Site as a Visitor.

If you’re only viewing your site through your admin dashboard, you may be missing out if something weird happens to the display. Logout of WordPress then reload your site to verify.

Members Only Area.

Consider building a membership area of your website by selecting a new theme or plugin with those capabilities.

Speed Load Times.

Use a caching plugin to make your site load faster.

Install Google Analytics.

If you’re not yet using Google Analytics to analyze your site traffic then install a Google Analytics plugin and get started today.

There are so many little things you can do with WordPress that can add up to big results. Just work on one thing a day and you’ll have an improved blog in no time.


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