How to rock your Instagram with less than 10000 followers

How to Rock your Instagram with less than 1000 Followers?

Instagram is a great place to share your creativity and have fun at the same time. You get to show your followers what you are up to at the moment. For example, if you run a womenpreneur business, you can use this social media platform for marketing your products and services.

With the help of Instagram, you can create a personal brand, which will attract more users to take a look at your page. Here are a handful of tips you can use to rock your Instagram, with less than 1000 followers:

Choose a theme

Don’t you want to make your profile look attractive so that people love to go through your photos and videos? By selecting a theme, such as grunge, boho, minimalism, and moody, to name a few, you can make your page stand out.

Try to experiment with different color profiles, to see which one suits your mompreneur business. Although it is essential for the hues to be eye-catchy, you don’t have to only stick with flashy and bright ones. You can go for pastel colors, as it is easy on the eyes of your followers.

Experiment with different layouts

Are you looking to give an innovative social media touch to your Instagram profile, to make your womenpreneur business stand out from the rest of the lot? You can make this a reality by experimenting with layouts and giving your profile a unique look.

The most common one is square, where you follow the same color and filter combination for your posts. Another way to make your profile eye-catchy is to use the tile format, which resembles a chessboard.

Stick with the same border

If you make your Instagram womenpreneur business profile look consistent, it will have a substantial positive impact on visual branding. By using borders, you give room for your posts in your feed to breathe.

They make your profile look cohesive, which works wonders as your page looks professional. When you use different borders for your images, it can make your posts seem messy, which won’t work well with visual branding.

Invoke curiosity in your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories give you the ability to show your followers a sneak peek of your womenpreneur business. For instance, you can display how your life is after you decided to pursue your idea and make it a reality.

However, if you use the element of curiosity, your followers will want to see what you are posting on Instagram Stories. The best way is to use the reveal technique, where each story shows a greater amount of detail with every tap. For example, when you want to launch a new product, pick a color of your choice, cover the image with it, and save the picture. In the next story, remove a portion of the color with the help of the eraser tool. With this simple technique, you can come up with a montage of posts, which reveal additional detail with every tap.

Instagram is a brilliant place for your womenpreneur business, as this platform allows you to showcase your creative nature. Make sure you have fun on this social media platform as it will reflect in your content. Make sure you love what you are doing on Instagram and take your time so that you can come up with innovative ways to rock your profile.




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