Header and Footer Scripts in WordPress

Learning how to add scripts to your WordPress header and footer is essential, especially if you have plans to monetize your website. If you’re using specific tools and tracking scripts, they may require you to add code to the footer or header of your website.

Whether you’re tech-savvy or know nothing about coding, there’s a way for you to add scripts to your header and footer when you need it.

Techniques to Add Code to WordPress Header and Footer

There are three ways to add code to your WP site’s header and footer. They are:

  • Editing your theme’s footer.php and header.php files manually
  • Using your theme’s header and footer code feature
  • Using a plugin

Each of the methods above has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the first two ensure you don’t weigh down your site and potentially affect performance with too many add-ons (plugins). That said, they’re technical and are not feasible for every website owner.

Additionally, methods such as editing the theme’s header and footer PHP files are unreliable as they’re rendered obsolete when you upgrade your theme.

On the other hand, using a plugin ensure the changes remain even when you upgrade a theme. While a plugin may slow down your site, they’re essential at adding functionality to your website that you would otherwise not have.

The second option of using a theme’s in-built code snippet feature isn’t always available in some themes. When it is, it’s also not as reliable as using a plugin. Like changing PHP files, using the in-built code snippet only retains the changes if you keep the theme. If you change the theme, the new theme won’t have the same script on the header and footer.

As a result, I recommend using a plugin as it’s more reliable and easier to implement. The benefits of using a plugin include:

  • It’s easy, fast, and organized
  • It prevents errors that are common with manually editing code
  • It allows you to change or upgrade your theme without worry as the plugin carries over the header and footer code to the new theme

How to Add Code to Header and Footer Using Plugin

First, find a plugin to help you insert header and footer scripts on WordPress. Once you install and activate the plugin, from your admin panel, head over to Settings, then click on Insert Headers and Footers.

You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll see two boxes labeled Scripts in Header and Scripts in Footer.

Paste your script in the appropriate section and click on Save.


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