Back to Graphics: Combining Clip Art and Photos (to create something you-nique!)

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The use of photos in products, blog posts and personal designs is on the rise. Sites such as Pexels, Pixabay and Magdelein offer hundreds of beautiful, free stock images for you to use in any way that you wish. However, seeing the same image used one hundred times over can cause your reader or buyer to pass over your product or post. That’s where clip art comes in – so please, don’t throw out all your clip art! There are still so many uses for it especially when you combine clip art and photos together!

I am part of an absolutely amazing tribe of teacher clip artists (be sure to check out our Clip Art Club on Facebook) and 9 wonderful ladies helped me with this blog post. Each lady created a unique image by inserting some of their own clip art. Here are some interesting ways to combine Clip Art & Photos to create an image that is you-nique and sure to catch your reader or buyer’s attention.

Back to School Clip Art and Photos

So you have a chalk board or a school bus? Although synonymous with ‘back to school’ these images don’t really grab anyone’s attention as they are quite over done. However, these images are anything but boring as they combine beautiful, and in some cases, unusual, elements to create an image that is unique and in even some ways, magical. What child would not become excited about going back to school when looking at these stunning images?ClipArtandPhotosBackToSchool

Animal Families Clip Art from Lindy Loves to Teach
Robot Clip Art from Lindy Loves to Teach

Fancy Fish Clip Art from Catia Dias

Kids Clip Art from Nicky makes

Nicky makes has also provider her image HERE for you to download! Have fun!

Product Covers

ClipArtandPhotosTeachingInTheTongassCoversUsing photos for product covers is the the new best thing since sliced bread and we love how they really capture what a product is about. By adding a clip art image that reflects your theme, your photos of your product can really be made special and stand out amongst the masses. Jen Lium created two engaging covers by simply adding a single clip art image to each.


Gnome Clip Art from Teaching in the TongassClip Art and Photos

Chalk Kids Clip Art from Teaching in the Tongass

Ladybug Clip Art from Utah Roots

Dragonfly Clip Art from Utah Roots

Safari Clip Art from A Little Peace of Africa

Fire Safety Clip Art from A Little Peace of Africa




Utah roots had this to say about how she made her product covers:

I got both of the photos from Pixabay (free downloads) I enlarged them to fit the size of the PowerPoint slide.  Then I positioned the photo where I wanted it and cropped the overhanging edges.  On the ladybug, that’s all I did to the photo.  On the dragonfly, I used the blur option on the picture formatting menu in PowerPoint to get the degree of blur I wanted so that the dragonfly appeared in focus and the reeds appeared out of focus as they would if you were really close enough to a dragonfly for it to be in sharp focus. 


Photo of the Day 

Photo of the day has never been more fun. Create magical scenes that will immediately grab your students’ attention and get them writing.


These beautiful images from CatCarolines are available for you to download. Be sure to head over to her store to show her your appreciation! Imagine your students’ delight when you put these up for them to write about. You can even create your own with her Sea Creatures, Garden Creatures or Hummingbird sets.

Unique Combinations

Photos & Clip Art can be combined in unique ways to create really striking images.

Bell Ink designs has created these two beautiful images:

ClipArtandPhotosBellInkDesignsUniqueDesignsIn her first image, she has used a black and white image with bright clip art barrels ,and she has even sized them to give the illusion of perspective in the design. The barrels lead one’s eye towards the barn and tempestuous sky in the background. This is a great way to draw your buyer/reader’s attention to the main focus of your product.


In her second image, she has incorporated more realistic looking images of a pencil, sharpener and pencil shavings to fill up the white space in the foreground and has,therefore, made a plain image much more interesting! Makes you want to pick up your pencil and write that novel you’ve been meaning to write for years! The photo by itself does not scream unique, but once the clip art is added, it is a design you won’t forget!



This gorgeous image by Cherry Workshop combines a beach and Halloween theme to create a Halloween Beach Party invitation. This photo alone does not suggest Halloween in any way, but with the dressed-up spiders,  a plain beach front is given a distinctly Halloween slant.


Again, the spiders are sized in such a way that they give the sense that they are walking along the beach. They are possibly on their way to the Halloween beach party that we all now want to attend!


Scrapbooking ideas


This is one of my favourite ways to use clip art and that is to make your photo look like it comes straight out of a scrapbook. How adorable is this image from Dancing into First? This simple design is OH! So effective and really makes you drool for a slice of holiday pie, does it not? This image is ready to print and slide into your photo album – and no messy glue to boot!


Thank you!

And lastly, I would like to extend a very big thank you to the following amazing ladies for their photo & clip art image contributions – this blog post really would not have been possible without their time and talents – especially with the very short notice they were given. Be sure to hop on over to their stores to show them some love!

UtahRoots TeachingInTheTongass NickyMakes

LindyDuPlessis DancingIntoFirst CherryWorkshop

CatCarolines BellInkDesigns AlwaysATeacherForeverAMom